Block of the Month 2018

- Lea Armstrong - Start your block of the month with beautiful flowers from Sylvia. You can use any set of hers you have already purchased or try our American Wildflowers set. Improve your skills. Prerequisite: Cindy’s Hand Appliqué class and Lea’s Sashiko beginner class. Sat, Apr 28, Jun 23, 1-4; $23/class

- Cindy - This class teaches the use of special template and feet for doing accurate free motion quilting. Each class will work on different skills. Must have taken a free motion basics class before this. Need to order tools 7 days before class. Fri, Apr 27, Jun, 1:30-4:30; $23/class  

Sat, Apr 7, 12:30-1:30; Free 

New! Template Free Motion Saturday Class! NEWER CLASS STARTS IN MAY ON SATURDAYS: May 12, June 9, 10-1; $23/class

- Mary - This traditional block pattern is done in one color and one neutral. Mary’s doing RED after seeing the Red & White Quilt show in Houston. You can pick any color if red is not speaking to you. This quilt is labor intensive if you do all the blocks but, if you do only some, you have a nice lap quilt. 2d Fridays, May 11, Jun 8, 4-7; $14/class No April class

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