Santa Fe Quilting Report of the Week, March 25, 2020

Hi Friends

Since we last wrote, the Governor has asked retail businesses that are non-essential to close. We are honoring this order. 

We will have one or more people at the store if you need to pick something up, but customers are not allowed to come in and shop. We will try to keep posting fabric and perhaps notions on our web page, but that is all we feel we can do at this time.  We are happy to mail anything to you. Pick up times will be limited to Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 11am - 1pm. 

We are going to use this time of quietness to start creating an online presence. This will require lots of time and your patience as we load our inventory. Cindy will, of course, be the lead person in this effort because of her skills with computing. Yes, we will continue to be a brick and mortar store when this is over. How could we miss chatting with you all and keeping up with your projects? 

We appreciate all of you who have called in orders, ordered gift certificates that you can’t use yet and continued with your encouragement. It all helps. We encourage you to continue sending pictures of what you are working on and what you have finished. We will try to put those in a gallery on our website. We are also posting on our Facebook page for Santa Fe Quilting. 

Here are some never before asked questions for you to consider: 

What about classes?
We are suspending all classes and demos until the world is more stable.  We know which class you're signed up for and we will notify you of any rescheduling.

Birthday during this time?
If you have a birthday during this time, we will happily celebrate it with your later.

Can I bring by QOV or community service? 
No, hold on to it. Stay home. Feel free to take a photo and email it or post it to Facebook.

Can I stop by to say hi since we are good friends
No, send an email or use snail mail.  Know that we care about you through the walls of our business, but we don’t want you stopping by to be friendly.  If you know someone living alone during this time, send them a letter or an email. Call them. Call friends and family.  Talk to us on Facebook. 

Can I buy a gift certificate? 
Yes, please invest in your future. We will mail them to you. Please also consider buying gift certificates from all your favorite stores if you can afford this. There are restaurants and other small businesses that need your help. Remember the Sewing Center, you can prepay your service bill that you will have later this year. 

Can I clean my house if I run out of sewing/piecing quilting ideas? 
Yes, you can. We know you have already purified your surfaces, so clean if you need a break from sewing.  Don’t go crazy though. That stash is calling you. 

What else can I do? 
The Santa Fe Community Foundation is collecting donations to help non profit organizations provide daily meals to children and seniors as well as funding for help with emergency health services, childcare, rent and utilities. They are on Facebook and also have a web site:

Listen to all the free concerts on YouTube with some of your favorite artists. Go to museums all over the world. Remember zoos with virtual and live cams, natural history museums all over the world, bird sanctuaries, etc. 

Get outside and garden or walk or run. Do whatever keeps you breathing fresh air and staying active. Send us a note and tell us what books your are reading. 

Thanks for being our customers, 

Mary, Allen, Cindy, Julee, Louise, Regina, Sue, Lisa

505 473 3747

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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