SAGA Cautiously Continues 

Wearing a Mask

It isn’t hard to find slogans, Facebook posts, government handouts, announcements, and commercials that emphasize wearing a mask to keep others healthy. We completely agree. It’s one of the reasons we are continuing to promote mask making by quilters and sewers. Yes, it is awkward and sometimes uncomfortable and some of you have reasons why it is more difficult to wear them, but it is still important. Please wear them when you are out, when shopping, even when ordering coffee. Keep all of us safe. The virus is still as strong today as it was in February. We cannot relax our vigilance. 

Tuesdays and Appointments Available at 11am

Adding Tuesday as an open day has worked well. We are going to expand to another hour of appointments each open day starting at 11am. All our shoppers are doing well at using their time and like having the store to themselves. We are enjoying getting to know each of you a little better. We are allowing two (2) shoppers at a time if you know each other. If you know you are going to be just a half hour, let us know and we can sneak in another quick shopper. 

After spending a lot of time with masks on, we appreciate medical workers even more each day. We also now understand why hospitals are so chilly - It’s warm under there. 

It’s great to see Louise and Sue back at work. I would like all of you to give Cindy a big thank you when you see her for helping put the pictures on the website and in this letter to make your shopping a little easier each week. She makes the Friday letter look so good. 

Latest updates on Covid-19 for New Mexico can be found at We continue to take this virus very seriously. There are more cases in SF County, not fewer, in the last few days, so we think the downward trend is not quite happening yet. We consider ourselves lucky that Santa Fe County has done fairly well, but our heart goes out to McKinley, San Juan, Sandoval, Bernalillo and Doña Ana Counties for the number of illnesses and deaths they are seeing. You can see the charts for Covid-19 at and then search for “curve” data. 

State of the Economy

Yes, we are making less money, but you are all helping us stay open. And yes, others are more significantly impacted. Yes, this will take a while to get better. Try to reach out to your favorite shops that need help. Buying gift certificates for future use and making appointments when you can, will help. This will be a long, slow recovery, but we all know it will eventually get better. Be patient, be safe, and still stay at home when you can. Remember there are still people with food shortages so give to the local food bank, pantries, and similar services. 

If you want a list of all the resources available in our community for help during this crisis go to and click on their Covid-19 Community Resources page. You will be moved by how many programs are available to help others in our community. The Community College Culinary Program has teamed up with World Central Kitchen to provide food from 2-4, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

Mask Challenge Contest

Quilters have continued to amaze us with their constant giving. The masks are getting better and better, more and more creative. We have sent large boxes to Kewa (Santo Domingo) Pueblo and to Cochiti Pueblo. We have a grocery sack of masks ready for the Incubator. We are working on more masks for the Pueblos and Navajo reservation. The winner of fabric this week is Linda Nelson, and the two winners of $10 gift certificates are Verlain Stewart-Ray and Carol Hamlin Faure. Congratulations and thank you!

Masks seem to appear magically in our drop box so thank you for dedicating your free time to this endeavor. 

Will we have another contest? Yes, next week.  Enter by Thursday at noon. Fabric for the 1st drawn winner and $10 gift certificates for another two people. 

Thanks for being our customers, 

Mary, Allen, Cindy, Julee, Louise, Regina, Sue, Lisa

505 473 3747

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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