New Arrivals

Top:  115077 Cream w Lime green dinosaurs w navy spines

Middle: 112283 ABC's on turquoise, teal

Bottom:  117298 White with Green Shamrocks

IMG 20200513 174257662


Top:  114803 Green w flowers and grapes

Middle: 114800 Dark peach w yellow heart w dark pink interior watermelon Sold Out

Right:  114796 Yellow w paisley leaves Pink teal green

IMG 7860

113976 Waves & Clouds in blue purple & white & Green, large print

IMG 7855

Left: 116158 Blue/Gold Geishas w Indigo border Indigo Imperial Collection

Middle:  116159 Sky blue w cream scatter mums metallic  Indigo Imperial Collection

Right:  115318 Mini Ikat Teal Dmnd grid, multiple, woven look,  blended colors

IMG 7854

Left: 116612 Digital green bamboo on beige Bamboo Grass

Middle:  117696 Light grey w Crane print

Right:  117693 Black & red fans on white

IMG 7856

Left: 117431 Small pink blooms on cream Metallic

Middle:  114396 Shibori Tonal Cream

Right:  117380 Red Coral Blue Scallops Kyoto Garden


Left:  116541 Constellations on blue with names in white some purple

Middle:  105357 30% Planets suns & UFOs on blue, only 3 yards left

Right:  112975 Navy purple zodiac print Out of this world Sold Out


112514 Pokemon blocks on turquoise blue Sold Out

Cute of the week 4

Left: 115957 Peacock blue w green some pink and purple

Middle:  115386 Royal blue w lg orange waves

Right: 112480 Splotches of purple and teal

IMG 20200508 154720198

Top:  117434 Blue and Purple Iris

Second Down: 113240 Floral multi pansies All purpose flower Hoffman Spectrum Sold Out

Third Down: 115484 Small red poppies all over on royal blue Sold Out

Bottom:  115402 Texas Flowers Multi Michael Miller



Left: 113025 Rustica Black w green rust leaves, Bali Batik

Middle: 114635 Black w yellowish dots in rows different sizes

Right:  116903 Purple with different colored dots & squares all over

Batiks 1

Left: 117318 Gold yellow skinny stripe

Middle: 106263 1895 Sahara Medium Tan

Right:  117558 Brush stroke stripes tans SOLD OUT


Top:  114723 Black Giraffes in gold/silver Metallic

Middle: 117453 African ladies in multi colors carrying water jugs on heads Sold Out

Bottom: 116797 Brite blue w fiesta figures in bright colors Walk about



Top:  108015 White w black book titles Dr. Seuss

Middle: 105962 Red w blue circles of Cat in the Hat poses

Bottom:  101664 Characters on black rectangles Celebrate Suess

Cute of the week 3


Top: 117881 Lime green cutting mat w aqua dots and grid

Middle: 117882 Lime green w blue scissors, rotary cutters & pins

Bottom: 117880 Aqua w blue scissors & spools & floral motif scissor face

 Tula 2

Top: 116924 Light Lime grn w black specks Spectrastatic

Middle: 111504 Seventy Six Blue

Bottom: 117878 Green tape measure & blue leaves on gray Tula Pink

Tula 1

From Left to Right:  This sale is over, but you can still get them at 30% off. One Yard Cut Minimum.

One:  101976 30% Crystalia Challenge Rainbow graphic Digital  SOLD OUT

Two:  108078 30% White w spots in warm Sold Out

Three: 101393 30% Botanical Kelp olive grn  SOLD OUT

Four:  111711 30% Cream & pink dashes on teal blue  SOLD OUT

Five:  101281 30% flower cans & beehives on blue SOLD OUT

Six:  103773 30% Leaf & Flower Teak Black

IMG 7826

Far Left:  114508 Digital Turquoise orange yellow & grean leaves

Second: 114507 Digital Purple Teal & Greens Leaves

Third:  117260 Large bright multi flower

Far Right: 116513 Bright blue with blue & purple flowers all over Digital

 050120 1

Left:  114509 Digital pastel greys blues tans & white leaves

Middle: 117695 Grey w 3 Geishas scattered all over

Right: 117694 Taupe on cream, birds on branch

 050120 2

Far Left:  116460 Red Orange grate celtic texture flames

Second: 116459 Flying Dragons on red

Third:  116461 Dragon scales in red

Far Right: 116462 Emblems in peach on black Dragons

050120 4


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