New Arrivals

Left: 117566 Digital Dragonflies on Dk Blue and green SOLD OUT

Middle: 116545 Dark Blue dragon flies on medium blue

Right: 116544 Blue Dragon flies on light blue


Left: 112327 Yellow potatoe chips all over

Middle: 112214 Yellow Onions Food Festival Ekizabeth's studio

Right: 103053 Green on green cabbages

Food 4

Left: 111440 Orange Oranges

Middle: 103616 Golden Pears with metallic gold outlines Kanvas Studios SOLD OUT

Right: 111212 Blueberries Paintbrush Studio

Food 3

Left: 111441 Berry Mixed Berries Red and purple

Middle: 113771 Large Red Apples

Right: 111381 Farmer G Garden Party Tomatoes

Food 2

Left: 112326 Green pickles all over

Middle: 113773 Large Green Avocados

Right: 113774 Large Green Limes Sold Out

Food 1

Top: 117394 Pueblo collage Red Rock Reflections Sold Out

Bottom: 112694 Skulls and Frieda on Eggplant SOLD OUT


Top: 101234 Blue sky w clouds Sold Out

Bottom: 108808 Tucson Blue SW stripe


Top: 117913 Digital Painted Horses Neon on Black

Bottom: 115339 Digital Crazy mane multicolor all overbrush strokes on black Sold Out

Sw 1

Issue 20 Has Arrived

117929 Simply Moderne Magazine

Simply Moderne

Left: 116562 Whimsical Jungle Animal Border Sold Out

Right: 114724 Digital Alphabet Panel Prism with bugs, animals

IMG 76442b IMG 76432b

Top: 117397 Green Cactus Red Rock Reflections Sold Out

Middle: 116848 Laurel Birch  Feline Frolic small butterflies on white blue & purple

Bottom: 117316 Succulents in cluster green turquoise mix of reds & peach SOLD OUT

IMG 20200410 1059590922b

Top: 117684 Vintage Trucks Old trucks in grass field all colors SOLD OUT

Middle: 113806 Love on Turquoise SOLD OUT

Bottom: 117259 Weave on lgt turq SOLD OUT

IMG 20200410 1101359062b

Top: 117698 Sassy Animals on white tossed Owls, pigs, ostrich, fox etc

Middle: 115656 Groovy Girls Navy/red and blue high tops

Bottom: 117185 Birds, snails & flowers on white bright and happy

IMG 20200410 1103339692b

Top: 117452 Route 66 map on tan/white

Middle: 117374 Tucson, Bead Stripe Purple beaded flowers on purple

Bottom: 106136 Route 66 Natural

IMG 20200410 1109007582b

Top: 117885 Agave floral cactus in ice blues digital Sold Out

Middle: 117886 Desert cactus blooms red orange blue and black with white highlights

Bottom: 109163 Multi col. License Plates Sold Out

IMG 20200410 1104412922b

We draw a new winner Wednesday at 4 p.m. April 22, 2020! 

1/4 yard of all showcased fabrics. Get your pictures and name in the drawing by 3 p.m. on the 22nd!

Enter a picture via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or Facebook and you could win 1/4 yard of every Fabric Showcased this week!

                                          rsz 1img 7684

116542 Panel planets and rockets on black w white stars

IMG 7574 2

117841 Fly Away Peter pan Panel

rsz img 20200403 154719635

Top: 116592 Out of This World Celestials Dark

Middle: 116593 Out of This World, Goede Black background universe

Bottom: 112958 Stargazers Digital Nightfall Planets and galaxies SOLD OUT

IMG 7575 2

114873 Teal with woven circles

rsz img 7583

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