New Arrivals

Top: 101234 Blue sky w clouds Sold Out

Bottom: 108808 Tucson Blue SW stripe


Top: 117913 Digital Painted Horses Neon on Black

Bottom: 115339 Digital Crazy mane multicolor all overbrush strokes on black Sold Out

Sw 1

Issue 20 Has Arrived

117929 Simply Moderne Magazine

Simply Moderne

Left: 116562 Whimsical Jungle Animal Border Sold Out

Right: 114724 Digital Alphabet Panel Prism with bugs, animals

IMG 76442b IMG 76432b

Top: 117397 Green Cactus Red Rock Reflections Sold Out

Middle: 116848 Laurel Birch  Feline Frolic small butterflies on white blue & purple

Bottom: 117316 Succulents in cluster green turquoise mix of reds & peach SOLD OUT

IMG 20200410 1059590922b

Top: 117684 Vintage Trucks Old trucks in grass field all colors SOLD OUT

Middle: 113806 Love on Turquoise SOLD OUT

Bottom: 117259 Weave on lgt turq SOLD OUT

IMG 20200410 1101359062b

Top: 117698 Sassy Animals on white tossed Owls, pigs, ostrich, fox etc

Middle: 115656 Groovy Girls Navy/red and blue high tops

Bottom: 117185 Birds, snails & flowers on white bright and happy

IMG 20200410 1103339692b

Top: 117452 Route 66 map on tan/white

Middle: 117374 Tucson, Bead Stripe Purple beaded flowers on purple

Bottom: 106136 Route 66 Natural

IMG 20200410 1109007582b

Top: 117885 Agave floral cactus in ice blues digital Sold Out

Middle: 117886 Desert cactus blooms red orange blue and black with white highlights

Bottom: 109163 Multi col. License Plates Sold Out

IMG 20200410 1104412922b

We draw a new winner Wednesday at 4 p.m. April 22, 2020! 

1/4 yard of all showcased fabrics. Get your pictures and name in the drawing by 3 p.m. on the 22nd!

Enter a picture via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or Facebook and you could win 1/4 yard of every Fabric Showcased this week!

                                          rsz 1img 7684

116542 Panel planets and rockets on black w white stars

IMG 7574 2

117841 Fly Away Peter pan Panel

rsz img 20200403 154719635

Top: 116592 Out of This World Celestials Dark

Middle: 116593 Out of This World, Goede Black background universe

Bottom: 112958 Stargazers Digital Nightfall Planets and galaxies SOLD OUT

IMG 7575 2

114873 Teal with woven circles

rsz img 7583

Top: 110325 Brick red with floral motifs Kobayashi

Bottom: 114746 Stripe Eggplnt/Tan circles Tan, Eggplant, blue,fuscia,green

IMG 7582 2

Top: 116665 Kaffe Cactus Flower Yellow Pink Orange

Middle: 107704 Kaffe Tree Peony Orange w pink Sold Out

Bottom: 105315 Phillip Jacobs Pink red flower w bright leafs

IMG 7578 2

Top Left: 117424 Blue, Yellow, Red Blooms on Green Background

Top Right: 117866 White with leaves fruits & berries

Bottom: 116298 Bright pink/multi flowers on black FLoral Fantasia

IMG 7579 2

IMG 7577 2

117891 Horizon stripes pastels on blue hand paint strokes

IMG 20200327 115947166 2

117893 Horizon stripes hot pink & orange hand paint strokes

IMG 20200327 115813346

Call the store to order 505-437-3747 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to order.  Please leave all your contact information so we can connect with you and get your order our as fast as possible.

117894 Horizon stripes multi colored primary colors hand paint strokes 

 IMG 20200327 115833286 2

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