New Arrivals

 Left: 117114 Teal Cactus Batik Desertscapes Batik

Middle: 116914 Multi col. w black stripe pattern Spice Market Paint concepts

Right: 117396 Black with feather print Red Rock Reflections

061220 2

Left: 118096 Tire Tracks, 45 deg.,Rust/brn barn red

Middle: 118094 Street look stripes, RViol, Orange, Navy

Right: 118069 Witches boots & socks on cream w mini grey stars

061220 1

Left: 112591 Black with red chilis

Middle: 109215 Green and red Chilis, mix kelly grn, lime green, shades

Right: 116388 Red roses w green leaves all over

061220 10

Left: 117904 Cream minimal Japanese brush blk gray ABC's Yoshiko Jinzenzi

Middle: 117905 Cream minimal Japanese woven blk gray ABC's Yoshiko Jinzenzi

Right: 117725 Cosmo tan w lg black dots Kokka Simple Life

061220 5

Left: 117576 Grey w tan & Black half ovals

Middle: 117542 Cosmo Taupe with black dots

Right: 117552 Cosmo tan w lg black dots

061220 3

116813 Susybee border light teal w animals along selvage bees in the sky

061220 4

Top: 114324 Lime green w brown sm bears Greenish yellow brown animals

Middle: 114326 Light blue bkgrd lg bears w green grass Magic of Christmas

Bottom: 112190 Animals on light blue Magic of Christmas

061220 9

From Top to Bottom:  

One:  101926 30% Cream w mice ornaments & holly leafs

Two:  108636 30% Panel w multi Lg triangle wave

Three: 109987 30% Euph, orange with vines

Four:  102967 30% Gld w blue tetris shape 

Five:   109727 30% Pink strips of Lines Culture Shock

Six: 102140 30% Gold 4 leaf patt. on black

061220 12


One Yard Cut Minimum.

Top: 118059 Lake blue, teal,brn streaks striated

Middle: 118061 Sea blue and teal streaks, striated, watercolor streaks

Bottom: 118060 Earth, red/brn/ylo org streaks striated

060520 1

 Top: 118043 Teal Arrow Batik Geometric Arrow-Turquoi

Middle: 118039 Green Feather Batik Tossed Feather Seaweed

Bottom: 118038 Lime Green Feathers Batik Tossed Feather Lemon

060520 2

 Top: 118042 Lime Green Beads Batik Beads Kiwi River Va

Middle: 118044 Blue/Green Beads Batik Beads Cool Waters River

Bottom: 118040 Mini Dot Gecko River Mini Dot Gecko River 

060520 3

Top: 116581 Blue, Purple, Green Geodes on royal blue

Middle: 117836 Solid Lime Green Designer Solids Limeade

Bottom: 116804 Concentric circles on red violet Walkabout

060520 4

Top: 114687 Kokka Faces on blue Oxford Cotton 

Middle:  117124 Dachshunds on Navy

Bottom: 111077 Lighthouse wonder Blue

060520 9

Top: 118054 Olive green w coneflowers in pink purple red peach yellow green

Middle: 118063 Solid Lime Green Designer Solids Limeade

Bottom: 118037 Sparkling bubbles on multi colored background

060520 5

Top: 118065 Medium Blue w line filled diamonds in dark blue

Middle: 118062 Elephants & flowers on white in blues & green

Bottom: 118081 Larimar Sea Turquoise Green Prisma Elements triangles

060520 6

Top: 118066 Dark Blue w line filled diamonds filled circles wavy lines

Second Down: 118064 Blue & White Elephants on Light Turquoise w undulating lines

Third Down:  117736 Color movement Oceanwaves Teal waves or wind

Bottom: 115542 Black batik w thin cobalt lines iin waves

060520 7

Top: 109343 Murano Jewel Big Blocks

Middle: 108635 Panel w multicolor NY beauty

Bottom: 108905 Panel multi colored pinwheel

060520 8

Top: 117189 Tan & Rust Triangles on Grey, medium blue gray

Middle: 117188 Rust and Teal Horses on Tan

Bottom: 117186 Flower Clusters on Tan

060520 10

Top: 117548 Kobayashi black w patchwork

Middle: 117549 Kobayashi black lavender leaf

Bottom: 117551 Kobayashi grey w olive circles

060520 13

From Top to Bottom:  

One:  112474 30% Bear Hug Solar Eclipse

Two:  103112 30% Multi paper clips on black

Three: 103617 30% Kanvas Studio Arnold's Diner

Four:  112256 30% White w multi color paint splotches Brite

Five:   104875 30% Olive w white & teal bottles w flowers in rows Sold Out

Six: 110727 30% Small hearts on grey newsprint dear heart Sold Out


060520 12

One Yard Cut Minimum. 

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