New Arrivals

117261 Brushstrokes in bright primary colors clusters of each color

060520 11


Left: 116871 Tonga Batik Yellow Circles Solar

Middle:  116872 Tonga Batik Orange Leaves Outlined Yellow

Right: 117760 Tonga Orange Poppy Batik 

IMG 7927

Left:  116626 Derse large square pattern w modern symbols in palette colors

Middle: 115041 Derse Chalk sketching on white graffitti bright colors

Right:  115040 Derse Chalk sketching on black graffitti bright colors Art History

IMG 7925 1


Left: 111629 Sepia brown square print square print

Middle:  115829 Olive brown gingham on white Redwood Robert Kaufman

Right: 117513 Beige leaves on rust batik Delicate Leaf Nightshade

IMG 7928

Left:  114973 Derse light olive green with white lines

Middle: 116623 Derse cream with black stripes

Right:  116617 Derse White & grey with black grid and dots

IMG 7926 


Left: 118056 Shimo medium light blue solid, hand dye look

Middle: 108561 Grunge Vanilla, pretty white

Right: 118055 Shimo medium light blue w stars abstract, tied

IMG 20200529 123934499 1

Top: 108766 Tucson Green SW Stripe Blanket Stripe

Middle: 117190  Horizon sun symbol on rust

Bottom: 117341 Gold Green orange white SW stripe, blanket

IMG 7932

Top:  114733 Fish on Black

Middle: 115538 Black w multi beetles digital Hoffman Electric Garden

Bottom: 117678 Eagles Flying in Mountains Digital Print

IMG 7936 1


114734 Ladybugs in grass/flowers Sold Out

IMG 20200529 161922586


From Top to Bottom:  One Yard Cut Minimum. 

One:  103747 30% Labyrinth in black on Green

Two:  107651 30% Tonal medium mint green

Three: 102450 30% Fairy Frost Aqua Green w silver glitter like  Sold Out

Four:  109584 30% Green with white dots, Medium Dark Olive Green

Five:  108549 30% Color Union Lime square  Sold Out

Six:  101721 30% Chillingsworth's Bike Race balloons bikes pipes on Green

IMG 20200527 174238274

Top:  117709 Ray of Hope butterflies Multi colored

Middle: 117705 Ray of Hope all over flowers multi colored

Bottom:  117703 Ray of Hope sky Blue white lavender

IMG 7900


Quilter’s Challenge and Contest Fabric! Contest is Over and the Winners announced!

Top:  117390 Light Blue with White & Navy Windmills, Udder Chaos

Middle: 107986 White eggs on Black Background

Bottom:  116360 Passport-New Map of England Passport London Beige/green/yellow

IMG 7901


Top:  117887 White w tan and color flowers, soft and pastel

Middle: 117890 Pastel stripe on white orange, green, blue, pink  taupe pastels

Bottom: 117889 Baby animals border print on white pastels

IMG 7922


Left:  118005 Shimo Indigo hand dyed look, solid

Middle: 118015 Shimo Dark Indigo Snowflakes

Right:  118014 Shimo Dark Indigo Hand Dyed Look, solid

IMG 7904


Top:  118009 Shimo Dark Indigo Wht marks Scattered, Tied

Middle: 118008 Shimo med Indigo wht marks scatttered, tied

Bottom:  118007 Shimo lt Indigo Wht Marks scatttered, tied

IMG 7903


Top:  118010 Shimo Dark Indigo wavy lines undulating

Middle: 118011 Shimo Medium Indigo Wavy Lines undulating

Bottom:  118006 Shimo lt Indigo Wavy Lines undulating

IMG 7902


Left:  118013 Shimo Medium Indigo Wht stars tied look

Middle: 118016 Shimo Dark Indigo tied circles ombre, light to dark

Right:  118012 Shimo Dark Indigo white stars tied look

IMG 7899 1


Top:  118017 Shimo Dk Ind tied whit circles, multiple size circles

Middle: 118018 Shimo lt Ind tied whit circles , multiple size circles

Bottom:  118019 Shimo md Ind tied whit circles, multiple size circles

IMG 7898


118003 Lantern Lights by Debbie Maddy

IMG 7895


Top:  116955 SW desert patch black and rust

Middle: 116406 Coyote Canyon tan/lizard

Bottom:  113724 Pottery on Onyx

IMG 20200515 162336338


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