New Arrivals

117999 Stir Crazy scrap quilt

IMG 7891


118002 Domiciles  Houses Little Pink Houses

IMG 7892


118004 Enigma by Debbie Maddy


IMG 7894


From Top to Bottom:  One Yard Cut Minimum. 

One:  109356 30% Grafic color powerlines

Two:  102140 30% Gold 4 leaf patt. on black

Three: 104946 30% Orange & green trees on blue Free Spirit

Four:  104947 30% Orange & green w rounded clusters of multi colored dots floating all over

Five:  107467 30% Tan w sketched grid w square

Six:  109752 30% Barnacle Bay yel. w. blue Heron on beach

IMG 7918

Top:  118024 Turq Modern Plaid, brush look. Print

Middle: 118035 Dark Purple with dots in light to medium purple, Batik

Bottom:  118036 Turquoise with dots in light to medium turquoise, Batik

IMG 20200522 152218505


Top:  100707 1895 Azure light blue Bali Watercolors, Batik

Second: 118034 Dark Green w green ferns in light to medium green all over, Batik

Third:  115978 Suede Medium blue Suede look, Print

Bottom:  118033 Dark Blue with blue ferns in light to medium bllues all over, Batik

IMG 7915


Top:  116644 Green Batik Starbursts

Middle: 112149 Seafoam diamond print Sweet Pea

Bottom:  117860 Leaf & bubbles in Teal w olive green Tree of Wisdom Sold Out

IMG 7864

Top:  116283 Green & blue marble with black

Second Down: 109623 Plaster Plaster of Paris Pool Deep Teal

Third Down:  112987 Lght blue with green triangle print Acid Wash Pyramids

Bottom:  116898 Blue teal /connected dots/lines 

IMG 7863

Top:  117127 Tonga squares on teal

Middle: 117891 Horizon stripes pastels on blue hand paint strokes

Bottom:  116837 Light blue with lighter branches in green & blue

IMG 20200515 154948297

From Left to Right:  30% Off. One Yard Cut Minimum.

One:  101506 30% Brown purple & green leafs

Two:  103011 30% Gray w black diamond stones Urban Textures

Three: 104728 30% Navy w white apples in rows

Four:  109710 30% Add Blueberry Teal

Five:  107427 30% Tan & pinkish w tan flowers

Six:  112474 30% Bear Hug Solar Eclipse

IMG 7861

Top:  114677 Tigers in beige palms on black Tiger Kringdom Great Outdoors

Middle:  112592 Animal textures in brown & tan Native Arts 2

Right:  114678 Orange/Black Tiger Stripes Tiger Kringdom Great Outdoors

IMG 7859

Top:  115077 Cream w Lime green dinosaurs w navy spines

Middle: 112283 ABC's on turquoise, teal

Bottom:  117298 White with Green Shamrocks

IMG 20200513 174257662


Top:  114803 Green w flowers and grapes

Middle: 114800 Dark peach w yellow heart w dark pink interior watermelon

Right:  114796 Yellow w paisley leaves Pink teal green

IMG 7860

113976 Waves & Clouds in blue purple & white & Green, large print

IMG 7855

Left: 116158 Blue/Gold Geishas w Indigo border Indigo Imperial Collection

Middle:  116159 Sky blue w cream scatter mums metallic  Indigo Imperial Collection

Right:  115318 Mini Ikat Teal Dmnd grid, multiple, woven look,  blended colors

IMG 7854

Left: 116612 Digital green bamboo on beige Bamboo Grass

Middle:  117696 Light grey w Crane print

Right:  117693 Black & red fans on white

IMG 7856

Left: 117431 Small pink blooms on cream Metallic

Middle:  114396 Shibori Tonal Cream

Right:  117380 Red Coral Blue Scallops Kyoto Garden


Left:  116541 Constellations on blue with names in white some purple

Middle:  105357 30% Planets suns & UFOs on blue, only 3 yards left

Right:  112975 Navy purple zodiac print Out of this world


112514 Pokemon blocks on turquoise blue

Cute of the week 4

Left: 115957 Peacock blue w green some pink and purple

Middle:  115386 Royal blue w lg orange waves

Right: 112480 Splotches of purple and teal

IMG 20200508 154720198

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