Beginning Techniques and Skill Building

Beginning Machine Piecing

- Mary - Learn to piece with a 1/4-inch seam, proper cutting, ironing and sewing techniques. Make two quilt tops and learn half square triangles. Three (3) classes per session. Mon, Apr 30 and May 14, Third Class to be decided by students.  NOTE DATE CHANGE FOR APRIL 5:30-8:30, or Sun, Jun 10, 24 & July 8, 1-4; $55

- Mary - After you have finished your quilting, you want to learn to do bindings with mitered corners that are clean plus joining techniques that leave no lumpy seams in your binding. Sun, Apr 8, 12-3, Sun, May 6, 4:30-7:30, Fri, Jun 15, 9-12; $23 

- Deb - Learn the basics of free motion, doodling on your quilts with thread, and building your skills. Students will learn a variety of stitches and then go home and practice, practice. Fri, Apr 27, 9-12, or Sat, May 12, 1:30-4:30, or May 25, 12-3 (NOTE TIME CHANGE) or  Jun 14, 12:30-3:30; $23

Hand Applique Quilting

- Cindy - Learn the basics of hand applique, the right tools and procedures for this beautiful skill. Tips about special glues, freezer paper, marking pens that might help. Wed, May 2, 1-4; $23 

- Cindy -Learn the basics that will make you love hand quilting for special projects. Cindy is so talented and teaching you skills that will make this comfortable for you. Learn about thread, needles, thimbles, fabric and batting. Mon, Jun 18, 2-5; $23

- Cindy - This is a template-based hand sewing technique that will add skills to your hand work repertoire. Add geometric shapes to quilts or make a complete quilt from the technique.Fri, Apr 13, 1-3; $15

- Cindy - Learn to use the new two-color binding tool by working on your own quilt and having a different color for front and back. Fri, May 11, 10-1; $23

- Mary - Learn the basics of paper piecing so that you can do almost any pattern. It just takes a little practice. Wed, Apr 25, 1-3; $14

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